103/11/2(六)「#RT_samplr」 工作坊、《聽。土地記憶》音樂分享會

#RT_samplr」 工作坊

駐村藝術家ArtistClaire Bushby
工作坊地點Venue:台北國際藝術村遊藝廳  Taipei Artist Village Recreation Room
工作坊時間Date 2014/11/2923(Sun.), 14:00-17:00
free to join ,12 person
  Online Applicationhttp://ppt.cc/nGUD
11月份台北國際藝術村駐村藝術家Claire Bushby將舉辦一系列「#RT_samplr」 工作坊,「#RT_samplr」的名稱結合自社群網站Twitter的轉發代碼#RT,以及刺繡工藝中的採樣形式samplr。藝術家將應用十字繡創作、論壇式討論,探討在當代社會廣泛使用的全球化網路社群平台中,公眾及私隱的界線。人們如何透過這些社交媒體作為意義的連結工具,以及在其中可能會付出的商業代價。


※ 成果展覽:寶藏巖國際藝術村59-13展間,時間:103129-18日。
December 9 - 18th


112日,14:00 17:00 

119日,14:00 17:00 

1123日,14:00 17:00 

您如何看待社交媒體對你與他人間意義連結的影響?這同時也會是最後一次的討論,參與者將繼續製作十字繡作品,如果希望將作品參與藝術家在寶藏巖藝術村的展出,請在123日前完成並交給藝術家Claire Bushby


#RT_samplr project workshops with Claire Bushby

#RT_samplr is a participative cross-stitch tweet project where participants choose a tweet and turn it into a cross-stitch work while contributing to discussion on ways we use social media to connect with each other.

Artist and Curator Claire Bushby will be offering a series of three workshops as part of the #RT_samplr project. These workshops will run on three Sundays at Taipei Artist Village Recreation Room.

Networked technologies and social media allow us the opportunity to connect globally in ways never before possible, experiencing spaces virtually through platforms such as Google Maps and relating with others through mediated communication such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #RT_samplr investigates what ways social media can be used as a tool for meaningful connection, what we are prepared to give for that connection via the commodification of our personal data and the possible sacrifices that we might make to in real life (IRL) interaction. #RT_samplr aims to identify the ways that social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook can be used as a medium for a participative creative project, telling multiple peoples stories and allowing them to interact with each other both through hands on activities such as cross-stitch, workshops and forums, and online via social media in a creatively engaged manner.

#RT_samplr attempts to foster a community of people creating cross-stitch samplers, based upon statements communicated in the public realm via Twitter. This project uses the process of making as a catalyst for dialogue on how/why we share personal content via social media and what we trade for these free services. Betsy Greer suggests on her Craftivism blog that, “…the creation of things by hand leads to a better understanding of democracy, because it reminds us that we have power.

All participants in #RT_samplr will have the opportunity to contribute their finished cross-stitched tweets to an exhibition at Treasure Hill Artist Village in December.

Spaces are limited, please book early so you don't miss out! To book please email rtsamplr@gmail.com

Workshops will be conducted in English.

To prepare please choose a tweet from Twitter, preferably something short if you are a beginner. You can pick something longer if you are an experienced cross-stitcher. Please print this tweet and bring it to the first session. If you have your own cross-stitch materials please bring them along but even if you dont come anyway and there will be materials provided to get you started.

Participants will need to have time during the weeks between classes to work on their cross-stitch work and read information about the workshop themes.

Nov 2, 14:00 17:00
Workshop 1: Introduction to the #RT_samplr project, getting started on your #RT_samplr
In this session we talk about the concepts behind the #RT_samplr project, how to turn your chosen tweet into a cross-stitch pattern, we will find out what level each participant is at, if you are advanced you can begin right away! If you are a beginner we will make sure you know the basics of cross-stitch. You will be given some suggested readings and video links to watch before the next session.

Nov 9, 14:00 17:00
Workshop 2: Internet Privacy and Data as Currency - When we use free online services what are we really paying with?
Increasingly it is evident that free social media platforms use personal data as currency we pay to use those services through the information we give them and the advertising clicks we make. Bring your cross-stitch work and be ready to discuss this weeks topic while we stitch! 

Nov 23, 14:00 17:00
Workshop 3: Connection and Intimacy on the Net
How do you think social media impacts your meaningful connections with others? This is the final meet up for this workshop series. Please bring your cross-stitch work. If you would like your work included in the exhibition at Treasure Hill your work must be finished be completed and given to Claire by Wednesday, December 3rd.

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